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Home Equity Line of Credit

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A revolving credit line based on the equity of your home that gives you access to funds when needed.

How does a home equity line of credit work?

With a Home Equity Line of Credit from Hastings City Bank you can borrow up to 89.9% of the equity in your home at a competitive interest rate. Use the money as you need it to pay off high interest debt, make home improvements, or to purchase large ticket items such as a vehicle. Payments are variable based on the amount you utilize, and as you repay the loan, funds become available to use again. Some additional benefits include:

  • Easy and convenient access to funds.
  • Interest is typically tax deductible.**
  • No closing costs (unless appraisal is required).
  • Quick turnaround from application to closing.

**Consult a tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest