We make a commitment to each customer that we will adhere to the following set of standards whenever customers have contact with us. Always:

  • Have a warm and caring attitude toward our customers.
  • Greet our customers in a friendly and personal manner.
  • Call the customer by name and give him or her our full attention.
  • Keep the customer informed. Let him or her know when to expect a response or a resolution to a problem.
  • Instead of saying no, explore alternatives; look for creative solutions.
  • Follow through. The customer should have confidence that we will fulfill our commitment.
  • Know Hastings City Bank products and services so that we can provide the customer with accurate information and helpful advice.
  • Try to match our product or service to the customer’s needs; never try to sell a customer a product or service he or she doesn’t need.
  • Make sure we refer customers to the appropriate area of the bank. If unsure, check before giving the customer direction. Personally introduce the customer to the appropriate person whenever possible.
  • Keep customer information in the strictest confidence.
  • Maintain professionalism in the presence of customers; an uncluttered work area, no personal conversations between employees, neat appearance.
  • A customer should never wait longer than five minutes, whether it is at the teller line or department reception area.
  • ALWAYS thank the customer for doing business with us.

Our Standards When a Customer Calls:

  • Answer the phone by the third ring.
  • Never keep a customer on hold more than one minute. If additional time is needed, ask to call the customer back.
  • Avoid transferring a customer more than once. When transferring a call, give the customer the name of the person you are transferring him or her to in case the call is disconnected.
  • When transferring a call, make sure the employee is available and give the information to the employee so the customer does not have to repeat it.
  • Return a customer’s call immediately or make sure the customer knows when you can call back. A call should always be returned the same day it is received.
  • ALWAYS thank the customer for calling.